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 Programs & Events

Community engagement is at the core of our organisation. Programs are designed for school groups, special interest groups, disadvantaged youth and families, youth at risk, unskilled and unemployed youth. Partnerships with community organisations are integral to the success of the programs, and ensure relevance and connection to our communities. Resources are directed to the preservation of natural bush and recreational areas in sustainable development of our facilities to meet the needs of the community. 



Education Outside the Classroom

Every challenge is an opportunity, this program provides school groups with directed activities that build self esteem and resilience through perseverance and success.  With respect for self, others and the environment as a key theme, we target current issues of depression, bullying, abuse of self and others. Outcomes ensure that students are better prepared to manage their unique circumstances.


Women Holding Hands


Work skills and work experience

Work experience opportunities within the organisation and in community organisations include job skills training and supported integration into the workforce.

Youth Leadership Training

Young leaders' program specifically for the purpose of building personal faith and leadership skills. Peer mentoring opportunities in community programs.


Holiday Camps & Family Events

Holiday Camps for youth include programs for youth in the community, disadvantaged youth, and youth at risk.

Family events are designed to build and strengthen relationships within the family and with other families in the community.

Respite Care for Families & Youth

Temporary placements for youth in need. A confidential partnership with community organisations.

Foodbank Service for regional communities

The Journey

A personal expedition of adventure and self discovery.

Multiple events for varying age brackets. For those who have lost their way and need time and space to find themselves and their purpose. For those looking for a personal challenge to build resilience, perseverance and self worth. The program  provides opportunities to connect or reconnect with God in His majestic creation.

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