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Our team

Staff & volunteers that give of their time, skills and resources to our various projects. Community youth leaders, former teachers & tradespeople, business leaders, concerned citizens - a diverse group make up our team.


Alfie & Gillian Berliner

Operating Directors

Seeing young people rise above their circumstances and decide to be the change needed in their communities is a privilege. Motivated by God's love for all people, this family is committed to youth in need.

Mark Alcorn

Director & Public Officer

Building strong families means building strong communities. 

Supporting projects that assist families to spend time enjoying life together is a priority.

Nick Baker

Director & Treasurer

Dedicated to seeing young people discover purpose, value and be empowered to dream.

Supporter of innovative ideas and ventures.


Our Vision 

Lets face it our communities are not at their best. Erosion of families and basic moral values is producing an epidemic of social issues - with the youth in our communities being disadvantaged by default. Schools are tasked with educating our youth, but increasingly they are having to provide social services in an effort to address classroom disruptions. Call it a vision, a calling, a sense of injustice -  our founders have committed themselves and their resources to redressing the erosion of families and supporting youth to overcome their circumstances and secure a positive future for themselves and their communities. Discover more about our events and programs below and consider getting involved - everyone has a role  to play in building strong healthy communities.

Your support  is life changing

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