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Adventure & Development Programs

Access Build Challenge Develop

Outdoor adventure education provider Pindari Adventures and youth & disability support service provider The Journey Community have combined resources and skills to offer a comprehensive program that meets the needs of our persons with disability and young people in care.

Bridging gaps in life-skills education and quality of life that our persons with disabilities and youth in care experience by providing a comprehensive service that offers quality care, social development, peer support, mentoring and capacity building.


Through supported adventure activities, exploring the beauty of our natural environment, engaging in nurturing projects and experiences participants ACCESS opportunities to BUILD skills & capacity, while being CHALLENGEd physically, mentally and socially to DEVELOP resilience, independence and increase skill sets for greater outcomes.

All team members are screened and approved for working with children and vulnerable people. Risk assessment and management systems are set in accordance with industry standards and are integral to operations.


Adventurers  |  Explorers  |  Nurturers



The Adventurers Club experience instructed adventure activities to build confidence and skills while enjoying the outdoors.



The Explorers Club venture out into the region to explore the many treasures waiting to be discovered.



The Nurturers Club is a small group program designing, building and nurturing sustainable creative projects. 

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