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Adventure Camp

15th - 18th April 2021

A 3 night leisure camp for families in a bush setting. Experience the great outdoors with your family and friends and enjoy a number of fun activities.

What's involved?

The program is a blend of optional activities, seminars, music, and free time.

Arriving Thursday afternoon in time for setting up and dinner you'll be able to spend the evening hanging out at the 'worship cafe' . In the mornings you'll be able to enjoy the 'prayer, coffee, and a chat' times before joining in with some activities or just chilling with your family.

Friday and Saturday afternoons will have a number of seminars and exhibits you can attend (some seminars may need to be pre-booked).

The 'Worship Cafe' will be happening each evening.

What's provided?

Located at a back to basics style campground, your overnight registration includes a zone where you can set up your tent or caravan, access to the famous longdrops and bucket showers, communal cooking facilities, along with some free activities and seminars.

There is also the option of signing up to premium activities, pre-purchasing meal packs, and hiring camping equipment.

Food is not provided so please bring your own, however there may be a fundraiser BBQ at lunchtimes and coffee/tea in the mornings to help raise money for our charity. There is also the option to purchase prepackaged meal packs during registration where we will supply you with the ingredients for each meal for you to cook. Please note, we cannot cater for special diets.


There are a number of different free activities for you and your family to enjoy (like volleyball), or during registration you can sign up for some our our premium activities.


Some premium activities include climbing Goliath and driving buggies. Generally you need to be high school age or older to climb Goliath or drive buggies as part of the safety assessment, younger kids may still be able to be a passenger in a buggy depending on size.

What is Goliath?

Goliath is a cliff traverse that challenges many participants to overcome their fear of heights/falling by presenting a situation that they see as high risk.

The activity is located on the southern bank of the Pindari Dam opposite Platypus Island.

It is essentially an assisted scramble up and along the rocks and cliff face. Participants are attached to a traverse rope, and instructed on techniques to best conquer the "Goliath". The activity starts with hike to the Barge, followed by a boat trip across to the climbing site.

Included in the program are also seminars on a range of different topics that you and your family can attend.


To try and make camp affordable for everyone we try and keep costs as low as we can. Because of this, we have a number of different price brackets.

Family pricing is for people from the same household only and is for up to 4 people, discounted rates are for additional family members.





Thursday - Sunday

Arriving between 4pm-7pm Thursday


$45 per person


$120 per family

($30 per person extra)

Friday - Sunday

Arriving between either 1pm-2pm or 6pm-7pm Friday


$35 per person

$90 per family

($20 per person extra)

Single Day

(Friday or Saturday)

9am - 7pm

$15 per person

$40 per family

($10 per person extra)


Running on Friday Morning

$50 per person

$150 per family

($25 per person extra)


TBA on running time

$50 per person

$150 per family

($25 per person extra)

The Astounding Race

Running on Saturday Morning


Free Activities

Running during other activities


PLEASE NOTE: These activities are unsupervised

FC Rego
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