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Location: Pindari Adventures NSW

Price: $355

Dates: 25th - 29th September 2023

Whether you want to experience the great outdoors or just hang out with friends, Youth Camp is the place to be. Located out at Pindari Adventures, it is an enjoyable camping experience regardless of if you've ever been camping or not.

With a program packed full of games and adventure activities, along with life skills sessions, this is the place to be. The program includes many of Pindari Adventures' famous adventure challenges, some of which may include driving buggies, cliff traversing, learning bush survival skills, plus others.

Along with these adventure challenges, there will also be many other games, including some awesome ones that you may have never heard of before.

Part of a youth group?

Youth group camps are one of the best experiences, why not talk to your youth group about them coming out to camp? We try and put everyone from the same youth group into the same team so that you can hang out together!

Don't go to a youth group?

Don't worry, you can still come! We'll try and put you into a team that we think best suits you. You can still have just as much fun, and you never know, you may make new friends along the way.

When is it?

Monday 25th to Friday 29th September 2023. After you have registered your child arrival and departure times will be emailed to you closer to camp. Leaders will be required to attended earlier for orientation and setup. 

Where is it?

It is held at Pindari Adventures - 2000 Emmaville Road, Ashford, NSW, 2361

Who can come?

This camp is for youth aged 12-17, if you're 18 and still attend a youth group then you can apply to be an assistant. Or if you're a youth leader then you can apply as a leader (you'll need your pastor/church member to be a referee for you).

How much does it cost?

$355 per camper, subsidies available for youth groups fundraising.

Subsidies and sponsorships available for those in need, please get in touch with us to find out more.

Leaders (by application) your camp costs will be free! 


In High School and aged 12-17? This is for you.

Part of a Youth Group? Don't forget to fill out the "Youth Group" section correctly.

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Over 18 and want to volunteer? This is for you.

Part of a Youth Group coming on camp? Don't forget to fill out the "Youth Group" section correctly.



Guest Speaker Coming Soon

Guest Speaker Organisation coming soon

Guest Speaker Bio coming soon, stay tuned and like our Facebook page to find out more!

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